Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV launched in India

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV purification in India at its Smarter Living event. It has a minimalist design and has five stages of purification. It has a 7-liter tank and is made of FDA approved material. The purifier has five stages of filtration that include Polypropylene cotton filter, activated carbon filer , RO, Post Activated Carbon filer and in-tank UV sterilization.

The Mi Home app (available on Android and iOS) offers real-time monitoring of TDS and filter life, and you can also order and you can replace the filter yourself without any assistance, says the company. There is also a self tank cleaning feature.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier features :

  • Three filters — PolyPropylene+Activated Carbon (PPC), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Post Activated Carbon (PAC) along with an in-tank UV light
  • PPC filter intercepts large and visible particles
  • RO filters out heavy metals, scales, and organic matter with a 0.1nm precision
  • PAC filter further removes odor and organic substances
  • In-tank UV light kills bacteria and viruses with up to 99.99% efficiency
  • 7-liter tank
  • Connects to the Mi Home App and monitors in real-time the TDS level as well the filter life of each of the three cartridges. Sends out notifications when a replacement is needed, with a one-click option to buy.
  • Allows consumers to see the life of filters on the Mi Home app, buy filters directly from the app and replace filters easily on their own, in less than 30 seconds

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier is priced at Rs. 11,999 and will go on sale on September 29th from Flipkart, mi.com and Mi Home stores.

The filter cartridges will be available for Rs. 3,997 for the complete set. Individual filter cartridges will also be available.